Friday, 15 February 2013

Off Tomorrow.

Well it has taken some doing but I have finally pulled a schedule together for my individual study tour. I have to say I really admire the guys who did there Nuffield scholarship before the internet, that must have been a real adventure.We have managed to get all the urgent work done farm wise which has been done in-between storms. we have had Gypsum spread on both fallow paddocks, one has had to be done conventionally due to the fact we are bringing it into our new row spacing.I will highlight the operations so you get an idea of how the new farming system compares cost wise. The old system was rotary hoed, then disced with offsets, the laser levelled, the Gypsum was spread on the whole paddock, incorporated with the offsets, cross ripped then bed formed. the other fallow block ( new system) has been sprayed out with round up and has the same amount of Gypsum spread per Ha that's it , two passes instead instead of six and most of those passes are high fuel consumption operations. Not only is the new system low impact we used 35% less gypsum but applied the same rate per Ha, this is because we only applied to the actual growing area ie ; zonal application. I will attach a photo of our EM map being done with a Vairus machine through the trash residue.

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