Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Harvest Starts .

Well it's that time again,started harvesting the 2013 crop, can't believe it is that time of the year again. Tried a few different things with the feed on the machine , and it didn't pay off sometimes you have to go backwards to go forwards though. I jammed the base-cutter 5 times in the first row, and headed back to the shed, it was an easy fix. I took the teeth off the base-cutter legs to cut billets for planting cane, so I did less damage to the seed cane, it fed fine in 80tph standing cane that we were cutting for seed. However when I went to cut 140tph sprawled cane today the cane just balked at the base-cutter, so I bolted the teeth back on to the base-cutter legs but I only put half on 180 degrees apart, I am trying not to restrict the width through the legs. Problem solved didn't jam for the rest of the day, it is amazing what you think will work and what actually does work.

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