Monday, 9 September 2013

Brazilian Sugarcane Industry Visitors.

We last week hosted a delegation of Brazilian Sugarcane industry people these guys comprised , millers, agronomist, and agricultural engineers,they were at our farm to look at the way we have adopted new techniques to be more cost effective and to improve our production, and overall sustainability. These guys are dealing with the same pressures as we are but on a much larger scale, they are moving into more mechanization of there very large farming enterprises, the big difference with these guys is that they generally own the farms and the mills that crush the sugarcane, and plants that produce ethanol.These guys see the Australian sugarcane farming sector as the benchmark when it comes to the cutting edge of farming systems,and environmental responsibility.I am sure that it won't be long before they surpass us in this area , they seem to value, much more the role research and extension has to play in there businesses future. Once again I have to highlight the irony that I see in Australians own view of research, we have never had a delegation of Australian millers Ag engineers and people at that level of industry ever come to look at what is going on in there own backyard, we have pretty much had more interest from overseas than here in our own country!

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