Friday, 15 November 2013

Irrigation scheduling .

Summer is here in a big way , we have had more than a few days over 40 degrees celcius, with a very strong southerly blowing definitely sucks the moisture out of the crop. This makes irrigation very important for crop growth and for the hip pocket, water is a very precious resource and a major input cost, so putting the right amount on at the right time to maximize returns is critical. The picture is of a evaporation pan which is a very simple device to determine how much moisture is getting pulled out via evapotranspiration and crop growth, so this is dependent on specific varieties and specific soil types so there is some calibration to be done, but once calibrated this is a very simple and cost effective way to manage crop growth. The other photo's are of gypsum being spread and incorporated on the leveled block , and in the new system existing bed, where the crop has been sprayed out and gypsum spread on the bed, because of the trash the gypsum is trapped and doesn't get blown away by wind.

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