Sunday, 22 April 2012

More Digging

It will be pretty hard to match the posts that I
have done from around the world and all of the great things that i have seen but I have decided to keep updating my blog with what my farming plans and systems involve with day to day stuff, hopefully you guys will find it interesting. Our recycle pit will be finished in a couple of days and I am digging a trench to extend some underground mains to take full advantage of the additional capacity we will have to irrigate, the underground pipe is 300mm diameter and we are extending it by 100 meters this allows us to have more artifical head (pressure)above the paddock. This allows for more inflow rate so we can apply water down the furrow for a shorter period, putting the right amount of water at the right time. The paddock will be levelled with some pretty high tech gear, it is actually all done with satellites now (it used to be laser)that control the scoop behind the tractor, it is actually all multiplane and the program used provides a design to move minimal soil. Yes I know this is not a good thing to move so much soil , biology suffers, soil compaction, to name just two negatives, but unfortunately this is a necessary evil to get us to a permanent bed, controlled traffic, min till production system. After this pit has been finished and the paddock graded it will not be tilled again as we go through the process I will document the stages here if you guys are interested.

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