Friday, 27 April 2012


Well as predicted it is raining , hopefully it will clear out tomorrow, it is not what we need at the moment as we are still trying to prepare land to plant cane. I thought I would outline some of the minimum till planting operations that we have moved to and show you guys a couple of the no till planters ,one we have had made the daybreak soy planter, and the billet cane planter that we redesigned and built to plant through crop residue. These planters are integral to our farming operation as we have moved to this new farming system, which as I discovered had it origins at CYMMIT in Obregon Mexico, from Dr Ken Sayer.While this sounds like a fairly straight forward concept, it has taken us 10 years to get to the point where we can implement all four priciples of conservation farming, which are, Contolled Traffic (RTK GPS and all axle widths match row spacings), Cover Crops (Legumes), Minimum Tillage, Crop Residue retention(ground cover). It is a system that delivers costs savings, builds soil health, over time improves production, and importantly has less potential for off site environmental impacts. I will add a photo of our Daybreak disc planter for soy. I will attempt a link to a You Tube video of our minimum till cane planter://">

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  1. Hi Bryan, keep up the good work, both in farming and blogging. I like the way you describe your 4 principles of conservation farming - I'm going to quote you!