Monday, 15 October 2012

Technology ?

We have finished the liquid fertiliser applicator, the fabrication was the easy bit! Technology is a fantastic thing when it works , and we now have it working but man what a pain it has been to understand how this system likes to work, it has very fine tolerances for error, and running two separate operations has seen some issues arise that have not been foreseen by programmers. This highlights a problem in Agriculture that being that the on ground end users are far removed from the actual programmers,and things that work fine in theory don't necessarily work in the field.However with persistence and patientence from all involved (and a few more GREY hairs)success!! On another note I gave my first presentation about my Nuffeild experience so far, it seemed to go Ok and people asked questions so I assume they enjoyed my story.Whilst preparing I went back through my notes and it seems like ages ago that I travelled, I came across something that a image consultant in London had said "80% of people are followers, 10% of people are optimists, 10% of people are pessimists" It made me think, where do you fit ?

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  1. Enjoying reading the stories mate. As usual you're never afraid to try something! We will have to get out there again soon. Been too long. Neil