Friday, 5 October 2012

Weed Control!!!!

This is one of the major reasons we try not to spring plant, weed control becomes very important with only short windows of opportunity to get on top of the population. Man the grass always seems to grow faster than cane, and we really have to make sure we get effective use from the chemicals applied. This is where the system my brother Terry installed really comes into it's own and coupled to the shielded spray unit allows us to use less expensive knock-down chemicals under the shields.This has two major advantages, firstly it reduces the use of residual herbicides that are more expensive, and drastically reduces the chance of off site impacts.For example we save 35% of the more expensive selective herbicide compared to using a conventional flat boom. Also using the GPS controlled system we are able to spray at two different rates with two different chemicals in one operation. It also has the benefit of precise control of where, and the amount applied, for example : if the tractor speed slows towards the end of the rows the system still applies the correct litres of spray per Hectare, and the spray system will only spray within the boundary of the field automatically turning off as it cross the field boundary. Cool stuff !!

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