Friday, 11 January 2013

3 operations in one pass.

This is the final pass of our nutrient/weed management strategy and this is technology at it best.In this operation we are spraying glysophate under the shields, broad-leaf herbicide targeting vines above the shields inter row and applying the last top up of nitrogen as a liquid at the base of the stools, and the tractor is auto steering. It is testament to my brother Terry's determination to make this system work, the thing is that as far as we are aware this application with three separate operations that are all banded sprays is probably one of the first in the sugar industry. It is a example of what is possible if you ask enough questions and persevere. The really good thing about this technology is how accurate it is, and it automatically cuts nozzles off when they reach a pre determined point at the end of the rows whether they be all at once or staggered in the case on angle drills.The big pay off is in cost reduction, efficiency of applied chemical, and almost zero potential for off site environmental impacts.This a pretty tech post however, it is a pretty big deal, for our farming future.

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