Monday, 7 January 2013

A New Year.

Well it's been a month hope everyone had a good Christmas, I am another year older and hopefully wiser.We have still been going during this period applying the last top up of nutrient and knocking down some weeds at the same time, with the shielded sprayer that my brother set up. I have included a photo of our tractor set up with our laser ready to level the second last paddock to be converted over to 2m, a necessary evil but the paddock has been at 1.53m and has been harvested wet for 4 out of 5 years.The other picture is our late plant that I have documented all last year with the final row profile and being irrigated between the rows of cane in the uncompacted soil, you can see how the water is right at the cane plant and is much more efficient for plant growth and water use.I am starting to organise my individual study trip, so if you guys can offer some places to go to study inter-cropping of any sort I will give it a go.

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