Thursday, 6 December 2012

The Harvest is Finished.

We got finished harvesting today it was a pleasant change to finish with dust in the air and not be bogging in mud. Haven't got all the results yet but we seem to have gone not to badly considering the wet start and the late finish from last year.It looks like our summer weather pattern has come back to what we used to see, it was 42 degrees C yesterday which is getting up there, however that was inside the house with the fans going and windows open at 3 pm. I don't know what the temp was outside? This is how summer is usually is around here hot days and storms building in the afternoon. All the cane is off but I still have 30 drills to go in the plant cane, I will be glad to get out of a machine cab, I have been either in the cane harvester or in the tractor for the last 2 weeks, anyway bring on christmas.

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