Friday, 30 November 2012

Final pass.

The final pass probably for at least a couple of crop cycles, this is why we have had to put so much effort into getting soil into a fine enough tilth to be able to form the right profile.Even though it looks a bit rough now after irrigation the soil will settle and after the first pass with the harvester the profile will be complete, and subsequent crops will be harvested with little to no disturbance to the bed.Man it is slow going though it has taken me a week to get to this point and I have still got another two thirds of the paddock to go.Ideally we would irrigate and get the crop up a bit more so I could move faster through the crop, however we have already had storms building and as yet have not had any rain, so we can't risk not having the row profile formed for harvest.Another reason why we try to avoid spring planting, Man I have probably got another 3 or 4 days in the tractor, hopefully before any rain.

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