Sunday, 18 November 2012

Summer is here.

The weather seems to be back to it's old pattern, hot days, and storms building in the afternoon's. It was 37 degrees Celsius in the house at 3 o'clock today(smoko time) and we are only just into summer, lets hope the storms go around us for the next three weeks at least, we are scheduled to finish the crush on the 7th of December.We have once again had to spray our plant cane to manage the weed population, the cane is growing pretty well considering,we used our shielded sprayer with Shirquat under all the shields and between rows, this is a knock-down chemical with no residual it simply burns off the grass.Other than that it has been full on irrigation , with the high temperatures and the wind we are losing 12mm per day out of our evaporation pans. It is when we have hot dry conditions like this that you can really see the benefits of our trash retention and the whole farming system. Our neighbours who don't retain trash and are not on controlled traffic usually irrigate three times to our one, we will this year be looking at measuring just how much moisture we can now hold in our permanent beds.I have some pictures of the plant cane after spraying and some of the ratoons at different stages of growth.

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