Sunday, 12 May 2013

Finished Planting .

We finished planting cane today at lunchtime, we are very pleased with the modifications we have made this year, I think we only had one choke this time which is very good considering when we first started we were choking every round.Once again it is a combination of factors that have lead us to this result, as well as the planter mod's the cane harvester has also had teeth removed from some rollers and a modification to the bottom chopper drum to stop squashing the cut billets, and where we couldn't unbolt teeth I split pvc tube and zip tied them to across the teeth to give a smooth surface and not damage eyes.Plus the fact that we are cutting 80 tonnes per Hectare plant cane that is standing for billets this year and not 180 tonnes per hectare tangled cane also should play a significant part in better plant establishment.All these things take time to workout and you have to have the weather on your side to keep plants standing, however I am feeling much more confident that we have turned the corner and have mastered the machinery necessary to farm in this new way. What is the saying 2% inspiration 98% perspiration, maybe it should be PERSISTENCE.

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