Saturday, 4 May 2013

Ready to plant Cane.

Just about ready to plant Cane, we have decided to do some zonal tillage before we plant, mainly to break up any radial compaction on the edges of the permanent bed. As usual we have modified another old implement to do what we needed, it has two Coulters placed at 800mm centers with two Yeoman tynes running about 300mm in the ground. If you look at the picture you can see how it is shattering the side of the bed which is pretty much what we need to do. It is amazing how good the soil is, even though we did not have a legume planted, the structure and moisture is fantastic. Finally got on the paddock to cut billets for planting , even now the ground is still soft, but we need to get planted it won't be long until it starts getting cool. We will plant into the paddock tomorrow so I will have some more photo's of that all going well.

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  1. How does cane root? With corn we talk about "hatchet" roots if there's too much compaction on the sidewalls. It will root straight down and not grow roots to the sides. Ideally we like to see the roots angling down at about 30 degrees