Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Back In the Workshop.

It is that time of year , maintenance time, it is not to bad this year no need for open heart surgery as last year( pulling the whole roller train out). This time we only have to replace the extractor hoods, not to much of a hassle.We had a visit the other day from some researchers from a wide range of fields, carbon life cycle analysis of a sugarcane crop, a precision Ag guy who is looking at about 23 different light spectrum's for NIR ,and associate Proffesor in microbiology, an Ag engineer. It was an interesting afternoon listening to their thoughts and ideas about how we go about farming. A few days after that Dr Alan Garside who was the leader of the research team that developed the principals of the farming system that we use, it is always great to catch up with Alan and listen to his views on how we are going with the implementation of the principals of a new farming system. It was encouraging to hear him speak about the improvements in our soil health that he observed since his last visit, we also spoke about the experiences that I had overseas on my Nuffield travels and how the principals of a good farming system are the same world wide.I have a picture of my brother speaking with one of our visitors explaining our permanent bed minimum till operation.

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