Wednesday, 8 January 2014


Well it's a new year, for me the only thing that has changed is the 3 to a 4 at the end of the year. Christmas has been hot and we have not stopped irrigating our crop, we have had quite a few plus 40 degrees centigrade and with the hot dry winds moisture goes real fast. I have been checking on our trial with beans planted in the growing sugar cane crop and unfortunately the native wildlife has taken a real liking to the young soy chewing them off to about 100 mm hopefully they will kick on, where they have not been eaten they are about 300 mm high. Unfortunately there is not anything I can do about it, the joys of agriculture I guess. On a positive note the no till plant cane is really going well with close to one metre of stalk, the crop looks very healthy and reinforces our resolve to keep with the principle of minimum tillage and residue retention. I have attached a photo of my dog "Charlie" after he has been chasing some of the perpetrators of the soy destruction. Also a photo of the no till plant cane that I have documented in past posts. I hope everyone has had a good Christmas and has a prosperous new year.

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