Thursday, 16 January 2014

Better late than never.

Finally got to plant soy bean into the last of our fields to be converted to 2 meter permanent bed, probably a bit late, but it is better to have something in the soil to give some ground cover and break the good old monoculture.The planter that we use is "old school" a Nodet vacuum seeder they didn't come out this wide from the factory but we actually, out of 3 old planters made this 9 row unit, it actually does a really good job.There is plenty of sub-soil moisture in the block however 10mm of rain would be perfect, we could irrigate but because the field has been deep ripped to 450mm the amount and time it would take to get down the 650m rows the beans would be water logged. So we have taken the risk , hopefully fingers crossed we will end up with a good crop.The news in our inter cropping trial does not look so good, the wallabies have given the soy beans a complete hiding and as a result the population is very low, what has survived has nodulated as you can see,the problem is there are not enough. The trials and tribulations of farming, just once I would like all the stars to align to see just what I could achieve, here's hoping.

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