Monday, 17 February 2014

Inter crop update.

It has been a month since I updated my blog , where does the time go? Well I had a bit of time away from the farm and went to visit my mate Ray Vella and his family at there home in Bald Hills.It was good to catch up and it was the first time my wife Sue had been there.It seems that our farming business is continually evolving and we are now venturing into contract sugar cane harvesting, never really anticipated we would be doing this , however circumstances have changed and we need to change with them to be able to remain farming in the Dalbeg area.So there has been much organising of machinery purchases as well as recruiting people to work for us operating the harvester and haulout machines, the up shot for us will be that we will have more time to be better farmers now that we can focus more on our farm management.I have put up a photo of the beans growing in the cane and where the beans have been untouched they seem to be doing quite well, overall the trial seems to be picking up. I have also put up a photo of the cane that was minimum till planted last may it is really powering now and has 6 foot of cane on . Oh I almost forgot we had our first cyclone in the end of January was only category 2 so no damage was done, we have not had much of a wet season so we have been flat chat irrigating as well.

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