Saturday, 8 March 2014

More Machinery.

We have decided to diversify a little, we are starting a new harvesting business this year, another learning from my Nuffield experience.So we have purchased a second hand John Deere cane harvester and another Case IH transporter to haul with, we have been busy in the shed going over them and refurbishing so they will be right for the upcoming harvest. Since my last post we have had 150mm of rain which was over about a week so it all soaked in and gave us a break from irrigating. I have been invited to a couple of speaking events to speak about my Nuffield experience and how we farm, I am looking forward to sharing my stories and experiences from my travels. It is encouraging that the Australian Sugar cane industry has decided to seek some value from my scholarship, and many to come I hope. Also due mainly to my exposure from Nuffield we have had several requests from researchers from both here and from the university of New South Wales, they are wanting to see the difference between our soils that are in a new farming system compared to soils that are still being farmed conventionally. My aim from my speaking engagements is to leave the audience with the curiosity to think about how they farm and to consider how they might be able to improve.I know that after my eye opening experience there are things that I will be doing.

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