Monday, 28 May 2012

Harvest not far away.

Well it is only a couple of weeks until the 2012 harvest starts, we have just had 40mm of rain and it has been followed up by some cold weather it was 6 degrees Celsius this morning, looks like winter has arrived. The cane harvester is finished and ready to go, just a few little maintenance jobs to do on the transporters, it looks to be a good crop this year and "touch wood" there is still a good sugar price on the horizon. We have not been able to plant cane yet as the rain has held everything up probably not a bad thing considering the temperature has plummeted.Haven't really got any more machinery to show you guys I have pretty much shared all the stuff we have on the go.So this time I will put on a couple of photo's of some of the feral pigs that run a muck in our sugar cane crops, it"s not what they eat that is the problem it is what they destroy and root up that causes the biggest issue.

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