Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Wow it's been a week.

Man time flies , I have almost got the caneharvester back in one piece, it's good to see less parts on the shed floor I can tell you. It was interesting to me when I was on my travels that us Australians were seen as a pretty inovative bunch of farmers, and I suppose that we have to be given our circumstances regarding government policy, climatic conditions, and relying on exporting so much of what we produce. The other thing that was glaringly obvious was even though not perfect, our research and development organisation are world class, and some of the technology that I have shared on this blog is a direct result from this industry wide investment. I will attach a couple of photo's of our shielded spray/liquid fertiliser applicator.This is new technology developed by Trimble that allows us to control three different sections all at different rates at the same time. We use roundup under the shields in the interspace, a herbicide over the rows, and the third tank we use liquid fertiliser to split applications, this is all done throught the main screen in the tractor, and my brother has mounted all of the electronic control gear with the tractor so we can use different implements with the one set of controllers/manifolds.

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