Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Levelling again.

The ground has finally dried out enough to start levelling again , and ther is still a fair bit of dirt to shift. As soon as the levelling is done we will be applying gypsum via a variable rate controlled spreader, that will use a prescription that we have made using data from an (Electromagnetism Map) or em map and data from our gis marked soil samples.This technology allows us to pin point soil ameliorant to where it is needed most and to apply less to the soils that are in better shape, this adds up to quite significant cost reductions.Electronic data management is an emerging technology and we see it as a tool to fine tune our farming management, we use "Yeild Monitoring" on our sugarcane harvester, E,M maps, GIS soil samples, we use this data to build layers of information about paddocks over time so we can see trends, and monitor our management practices. This data collection program also lets us track all costs (tractors, harvesting, hauling, fertiliser, chemical, labor) as well as a complete record of what was done on farm from day to day, ie; chemical application , fertiliser application,water application etc, we have found this type of information invaluable in managing our farm finances, as my Dad always says " If you don't know where you spend money you can't workout where to save it!" here is a digital image from our E M map, and the cover of the Ontario grain Farmer Magazine.

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