Saturday, 4 August 2012

Harvesting Again !!!

Well it has dried out and we have been harvesting again, since the end of last month the weather outlook looks fine from here on fingers crossed. Controlled traffic really pays off especially when you have the rain that we have had, even though the ground is still wet the compacted wheel tracks act like gutters and the larger uncompacted growing area has better internal drainage. Because we have around 25 Ha ratooning we have applied some nutrient this has been applied in a liquid form and is a by-product from the distilling process for Bio-fuel, this is part of our nutrient plan and we plan to add the total required amount in another two applications at later stages of crop growth. It has been shown that split applications is more economical, and effective with less potential for offsite environmental impacts. These further applications will be done with our variable rate controlled spray/applicator that I have posted photo's of previously. The photo's I have attached are of the contractor (the only thing we don't do), and the product applied onto the trash blanket it is applied under positive pressure.

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