Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Preparing to plant Cane.

Well the weather is finally starting to look more like a normal winter pattern, and although we could not autumn plant we now will have to spring plant it is not what we normally like to do but unfortunately farming is all about working around mother nature.It is starting to warm up enough now (soil temperature is above 20 degrees C) even though we have still had some frost on some mornings.So what we are doing now is the second last pass of cultivation that this paddock will probably see,(there will be one more pass at the out of hand stage to complete the beds) this is the bed-former we built to allow us to plant and this forms the 2m spacings for traffic, and the .8m furrows where cane will be planted. All going well I will be able to post some photo's of the billet planter in action in the next few days. Just to highlight how good this RTK steering system is checkout how the tractor is tracking in the wheel tracks that where left from spraying out the nut grass.

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