Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Planting Cane .

Started planting cane yesterday, had the usual glitches, we have changed the way the planter feeds billets and have had to recalibrate the drive to achieve the billet density that we want.This meant altering the billet length as well because we doubled the number of flights that pick up the billets, a bit of trial and error but we are pretty happy with what we have now , I suppose we will see what the emergence looks like, that will be the ultimate measure of success.Once we got things sorted we are planting around 10 Ha per day, this is my brother and I and our Dad drives the haulout for us while we cut the billets to plant. The tractor has three tanks fitted , the first large white tank is for liquid fertiliser, the second is for fungicide,and the ones on the planter are for insecticide (crickets and wire worm). We originally bought this planter in 1988 as a single furrow billet planter at 1.53m centres, in 2007 we converted it to what you see now two row double disc opener on 2m wheel centres.

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