Thursday, 20 September 2012

Implement modification!

Once again we find ourselves in the shed building/modifying existing implements to suit our farming systems.In 2005 we were on a farm visit with a very innovative farming family, and they said one thing that really stuck with me.He said "that he was sick of farming around machinery and had made the decision to make the machinery suit the farming system". In a nut shell we for too long have been constrained with our farming to what the machinery manufactures build for the majority or traditional farmer. I saw this everywhere I travelled overseas and was told on numerous occasions how farmers would like to do things differently but could not buy "off the shelf". I am not being critical of manufacturers, they respond to the signals they are sent. We have decided to make machinery to fit our farming systems, this involves a lot of thought and sleepless nights hoping that it will work, however the work is paying off. I guess if people didn't try something different we would still be riding horses and not driving cars. You can see the plant cane emerging in the photo of the tractor with the zonal tillage implement that we modified, it works out to about $5/Ha, more cost effective than chemicals. The implement in the shed is a variable rate liquid fertiliser applicator that is run by the same Trimble system I described in an earlier post.

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