Sunday, 9 September 2012

Visitors from Sudan.

The cane is starting to emerge, but I will show you that when more is out.We had a guy that used to work as a senior researcher in our Sugar industry, and now works as a private consultant for Sugar Industries around the world come to visit with some clients from the Republic of Sudan. This is the third year that we have hosted people from other countries to have a look at the farming system that we have implemented. I find it ironic that the research that was conducted on behalf of industry participants in Australia is valued more highly by people from around the world than by the people here in Australia.Speaking with Chris he assures me that Australia's Sugar cane farming systems are cutting edge and leading the world, I suppose that is why he brings clients here to Australia! I wonder if the outcome of the upheaval (of what although not a perfect industry R/D), will bring the future results of what we have already achieved?

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