Sunday, 17 March 2013

Churubusco Indiana.


Have had great day here today, woke up to more snowing and -3 degrees Celsius. We were off to deliver corn that had been sold to a local elevator about 10k's away from the farm that I 'am visiting. There is some very interesting work happening with cover cropping and no till farming , which is not the norm in this area. They are finding that as soil organic matter improves so is water holding capacity, (from melting snow) and less soil is moving , these fields are all undulating hills and hollows. We also visited a father and son who farm and distribute cover crop seeds, they were very generous with there time and informative regarding there experiences building soil health through crop diversity, and provided me with some interesting possibilities for our own situation. It was amazing to think I was across the other side of the world sharing observations with people who farm completely different crops , that have seen the same improvements by adopting similar principals.

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