Saturday, 2 March 2013

Saskatchewan Canada,

Have been in Saskatchewan province for almost a week now and it has been a great learning experience, I have travelled to Indian Head where I met up with the guys at IHARF (Indian Head Agriculture Research Foundation) this  organization is what the sugar industry R&d should aspire to. These guys were really generous with there experiences with companion cropping and are confident that there are benefits to be had through this practice, some of the results they have are amazing showing that a combination of crops could yield the same , most times more with dramatically less inputs. What was really interesting was they worked out to produce what the companion planted paddock produced , in a monoculture system in most cases would require in most cases 15 to 20% more land.
We also had the opportunity to visit Nuffield scholar Jim Halford , the guy that designed the conserva pak no till planting system, that has dramatically changed the sustainability of broadacre farming in Saskatchewan.

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