Wednesday, 17 July 2013

2013 Plant Cane.

We applied some Liquid fertilizer today which is Van-ass mixed with Urea, which will give us around one third of the total nutritional requirements for our cane crop, this is a pretty good product as you also get micro nutrients as well as some microbes. You can see in the picture that the cane is coming along nicely and is filling in well, we are very pleased with the establishment this year and it looks as though the perseverance with the planter has payed off. This crop has still not been irrigated such is the moisture retention of the permanent no till bed, the block has been sprayed for broad leaf weeds, and that's it.We will be giving it it's first irrigation in the coming week now that it is warming up more, and it should really kick on. The harvest is progressing well the weather has been kind (so far) and the mills have been performing well, we have started to harvest the crop that we planted in spring last year it has grown well considering it is only 11 months old, this is not the ideal time to harvest it but we have no other options, it is 4m tall in the good soil, I will take a picture and add it in a later post .

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