Saturday, 20 July 2013

Full Circle, Plant to Harvest.

Well if you have been looking at my blog you will have seen what has been involved in farming Sugarcane using latest research , cutting edge technology, all looks pretty easy I suppose when you see it here with a few paragraphs and a few pictures. I wish it was ! but my recent experiences has reinforced to me that this is the way to farm for us to have a future, it is about maximizing return whilst using our natural resources as efficiently as possible, sounds reasonable to me, all I have to do now is convince enough in the community that we need to be doing more than making "sugar". I am sure this is why there is now been * mills purchased by a multi- national corporation, they see that Queensland has the potential I just hope I get to share in the value adding when the opportunity comes along. Anyhow here are some pictures of the crop that I have documented in this blog, I have tried to take picture to give you the idea of the size of it, it is only 11 months old which is not optimum for harvest (should be at least 12 months)but this what happens in farming you have to work around the circumstances that you have been dealt.

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