Monday, 8 July 2013

V8 Supercars.

Had the opportunity to go to see Australia's premier touring cars race in Townsville this past weekend, took my 13 year old son along with me. It was a first for both of us and it was quite the experience, to see and hear theses cars up close is amazing the are based on what you can buy from the showroom (only in outward appearance)they produce 650 Horsepower have a top speed of around 260 klm / hour rev to 7500 rpm for hour on hour in race conditions, but the best thing about these amazing machines is that I grow the fuel. That's right these fire breathing cars that are driven like they are stolen, run on E 85 ETHANOL that is produced as a buy product from the sugar milling process of sugarcane, so it is pretty safe to say if these things can cop the treatment of race conditions, the showroom production models that you and I drive are very safe on this renewable fuel.Yes Sugarcane is pretty unique for we can produce , Food , Fibre % Energy ( bio fuels / co generation) and it can all be achieved as a value add process, not detracting anything from food production.


  1. The cars has become super cars due to their modern equipment's and techniques .

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  2. NASCAR runs on E15, maybe someday we'll catch up to Australia!