Thursday, 15 March 2012

California dreaming.

Wow California has agriculture , and in a big way.It goes to show that it's not just what you see on tv,all Hollywood and beaches. We travelled to one of the largest sheep meat processing in the state to talk with them about how they operate, it was fascinating to see how they used pretty much the whole carcass from tip to tale to value add. They had a very interesting business model where the employees were the major shareholders in the business. The longer the employee was at the business the more shares in the business they were allocated and the more the company prospered they inturn prospered, it seemed to work very well.

Today we went to a waste water recycle plant that took effluent and treated it to be used in agricultural production. The driver for this was salt water intrusion due to to much drawn out of the aquafier , they have done an excellent job of understanding the hydraulics of the underground system and have almost halted the salt intrusion into the aquafier. The water treatment plant distibutes water through 45 mile of pipelines and irrigates 1200 acres (america still does not use the metric system) of farm land.

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