Monday, 12 March 2012

Canada and Snow!!!!!

Flew into Winnepeg on Tuesday night spent Wednesday at the Canadian Institute for Grain Research, and found out that to make different breads,biscuts etc that there are many types of wheat that makes this all possible. Then we toured a soybean crushing plant that produced oil and bean meal for feed, that was an interesting operation the soybeans are forced through an extruder, and the force exerted on them created heat of up to 350 degrees centigrade. We then travelled to Moose Jaw about 450k's away where we visited a lentil cleaning and distribution business and how's this they were filling a container destined for Brisbane. Today we looked at a machinery manufacturer Brandt that started with a guy building grain augers that now turns over a billion per year. We are off to see our hosts oat plant tomorrow, the back on a plane (again) to California.

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