Thursday, 29 March 2012

Large scale farming Brazilian style.

Yesterday we visited  large scale farmers the first specialised in potatoes,garlic, carrot,and onion, he also grew soybeans ,corn , wheat. He employed 2000 people it was like a small town and it was a very impressive operation. It is interesting that my perception of soils in Brazil was that the majority of it was very rich and fertile soils , in fact here in the Mid west of Brazil the soils are quite poor ,requiring phosphorous, sulphur, potassium, and copious amounts of lime and gypsum, the sites that we saw were all irrigated by centre pivots ,and combined with high amounts of the above elements provided for good productivity. Despite a lot of technology their is still alot of work done by hand, labour here ranges between 2 to 3$ Aus per hour compared to what we have to this pay this a huge advantage.

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