Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Leaving London heading for Washington D.C.

London was fascinating the history that they have is amazing, we stood in wesminster hall and it was a very surreal place to think of all that had taken place there, it was the place where William Wallace (Brave Heart) was hung drawn and quartered . Looking around you could still see the scars of war, for me to be standing in these places that I have only ever seen in books or on T.V.
It was very interesting speaking with farmers in the EU with the Common Agricultural Policy (subsidies) to hear the issues that they had to deal with and what they saw coming in the future. Actually all the guys I spoke with didn't want the subsidies, however as I became more informed about them it became very obvious that it is a very difficult policy to unwind. I also had a greater understanding of the good intentions that were the reason for there inception after the second world war.

We had a farm visit we went 45 k's from the centre of London and we were at a wheat farm , I couldn't believe it , these guys have adapted and have converted some of there old farm buildings into believe it or not office space. People get on a train from London to come out to the Farm to work, it was the last thing that I expected. I suppose that the point is to be adaptable, this guy saw an opportunity and capitalised on it. That has been the message from this week that in every time of adversity there are opportunities if you look for them.

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