Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Washington D.C .

What can I say the history of this place is unbelievable,we have had an intense two days with full days speaking with a wide variety of people.They ranged from senior staffers to agricultural economists, environmental lawyers,and the head of international affairs for John Deere.
The one thing that became very apparent to me is the fact of how small of a player Australia is in the global agriculture, for example Australia has the same GDP as New York state. The new farm bill is the hot topic here, and no wonder it is a very complicated document, and has a big impact on a lot of people not only here but at home as well.

There is no good news for us on the Sugar industry front after asking all the speakers about sugar they all were very vague about why this commodity is treated so differently, it looks like it will be the last of the industries to be liberalised.

We had the opportunity for a night tour last night around the monuments here in D.C.Wow do these guys know how to build monuments.


  1. Good luck boys and Nat
    Great CSC, tarvel safe.

  2. I hope you have had some time to be able to keep a journal of personal thoughts and experiences .With so much going on, it will be hard to keep track of what happened when later on. It would be wonderful to be able to re -live this in years to come.BTW..I think this is actually the first time I have ever seen you wearing a coat..It must be cold.