Thursday, 22 March 2012

The Yaqui valley.

We went to an organisation called AOASS which is the overarching body for farmers in the Sonora state that represents  there interests on a number of  faces. They have entered into a joint venture with Cargill to form a company to market wheat out of Mexico,it has proved beneficial to both parties and has been in effect for 10 yrs. It is truly impressive that groups of farmers can work so well for a common benefit I think we would do well to learn from there example.

After that we visited the private company that is responsible for the distribution of water from dam to farm gate, it was a truly impressive operation that is fully automated and they infact installed there own WI FI network to be able to remotely control and monitor wells. They also monitor standing water levels ,draw down, and recharge, remotely world class and all Mexican technology. We are finished in Mexico and are off for our final leg in Brasil.

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