Thursday, 29 March 2012

Conservation farming

Had a few hiccups today and got going a little late, we only visited one farm today but it was very encouraging these guys dry farm soybeans and corn and only one crop per year, which is unusual for this area. The reason why they can do this successfully is due to their farming practices, these guys minimum till and plant a cover crop with their corn, it looks to me like airacloah a grass that we classify as a weed, they broadcast the grass seed at the same time they sew the corn the corn out competes the grass and when comes harvest time they use stripper fronts.(they only strip the cobs ). The upshot of this is that there is ground cover over the summer protecting the soil from heat and preserving moisture, and it works they average 12.7 t/p Ha of corn, and 3.7 t/p Ha of soybean, they also dry and have on farm storage for 30,000 tonne. It was an impressive operation and it has shown to be successful.


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